Computer Science Review


Quality pressure is one of the factors affecting processes for software development in its various stages. DevOps is one of the proposed solutions to such pressure. The primary focus of DevOps is to increase the deployment speed, frequency and quality. DevOps is a mixture of different developments and operations to its multitudinous ramifications in software development industries, DevOps have attracted the interest of many researchers. There are considerable literature surveys on this critical innovation in software development, yet, little attention has been given to DevOps impact on software quality. This research is aimed at analyzing the implications of DevOps features on software quality. DevOps can also be referred to a change in organization cultures aimed at removal of gaps between the development and operations of an organization. The adoption of DevOps in an organization provides many benefits including quality but also brings challenges to an organization. This study presents systematic mapping of the impact of DevOps on software quality. The results of this study provide a better understanding of DevOps on software quality for both professionals and researchers working in this area. The study shows research was mainly focused in automation, culture, continuous delivery, fast feedback of DevOps. There is need of further research in many areas of DevOps (for instance: measurement, development of metrics of different stages to assess its performance, culture, practices toward ensuring quality assurance, and quality factors such as usability, efficiency, software maintainability and portability).