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SummaryThe UN Security Council passed a number of Resolutions against Iraq within Chapter 7, Since the invasion of the Iraqi forces of Kuwait on 2 August 1990, The most important of those decisions is the decision No. (660) on 2 August 1990, which Condemned the invasion and called Iraq for withdrawing immediately and unconditionally from Kuwait, Then, the decision No. (687) on 3 April 1991, which defined the terms of the cease-fire and obliged Iraq to do many things such as deducting a percentage of Iraqi funds in compensation to Kuwait and the countries affected by the invasion,The disarmament of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction – which are originally without credibility – and the formation of a committee of mass destruction weapons. In addition, the resolution No. (986) on 14 April 1995, which was known as the decision of oil -for-food.