Arabs and Turks have cultural geographical and historical relations that are rarely found among nations on the universe. The Arabic – Turkish interaction reached its climax during the Ottoman era (1516–1916). This is manifested by the remarkable Ottomani deeds in the Arabic society which are deeply rooted in the minimum social, haman and economic groups in towns and Arabic countrysides. What makes this true is the existence of the accurate Ottomani heritage being vital and affective on different aspects of the Arabic life even after the blackout of the Ottomani existence and the collapse of the Ottomani Empire. During the 1960s, 1970s and the early 1980s, the Arabic – Turkish relations witnessed a salient growth as a consequence of the Turkish condemnation of the ( Israeli ) aggression on the Arabic countries in June 1970 and also the Turkey attempt to balance its relations with the Zionist entity and Arabic countries. The research studies ways of the Arabic – Turkish economic relations in different aspects during 1980 – 2000 which was a progressing and prospering period. Turkey had attempted to get use of these relations to get out of its crises at that time especially because Arabs come at the first rank among nations of exporting oil which is used in industrial institutions.