The International and Political Journal


Abstract This research aims to study the historical development for the Turkish role opposite to the Palestinian Issue for the period (2006-2011). The period which the legislative elections were held in (2006) ending with the private Turkish report of (Israeli) aggression on the Freedom fleet. Turkish policy is also studied opposite to the Palestinian Issue, in addition to the Turkish assistance and their role in building the Palestinian State. With the treatment of the most prominent interior Palestinian problems and try to bring the view points closer for that purpose. Turkish Policy has witnessed a great shift towards middle east Countries, especially towards Palestinian Issue after the development and justice Party Ceases Power in Turkey. This is clear through out the attitudes, declarations, and diplomatic (initiatives) in addition to Practical operations of Turkey to Support National Palestinian Authority. Turkey does not use Political tools only, but it has used economical tools to enhance its role to establish Security and stability. This is based on Variety of dimensions of relationship with regional and international Countries. Thus, this forms the Political role of Turkey towards Palestine to enhance and enable Palestinians to Keep their lands and observe their rights in regional and international Congregations. These activities help Palestinians Politically and economically. So that, The great events and their sequences in Palestinian give the Turkish role a great regional and international attitudes, that because Palestinian Issue is a Peace and war gate in the middle east.