Al Malweah for Archaeological and Historical studies


The policy pursued by the rulers of Egypt of non-discrimination and tolerance has greatly contributed to spreading the spirit of citizenship and equality among the components of Egyptian society, and from here our study came to shed light on the Christians of Egypt and their role in Egyptian politics for the period 1879-1922, through three sections and a conclusion that included the most important conclusions that the study found. The nineteenth century came to present a new form of the relationship between Muslims and Christians, translated on the ground by the rulers of Egypt from the family of Muhammad Ali in particular, and they planned for a new era that would build the foundation of national unity and to confirm that political participation is open to all Egyptians of competencies even if they differ in religion, All are slogans adopted by Muslim and Christian patriots, especially after the February 1922 declaration, and the British occupation authorities’ attempt to raise the issue of minority representation.