SVU-International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Applications


The ubiquity of phones and their compatibilities provides a good opportunity to use them as lifelogging information devices. The tracking usage application helps to mitigate the widespread use of social media on smartphones. Tracking apps can be used to monitor and limit social media and smartphone use, which can ultimately reduce the negative effects of phenomena of fear of missing out (FOMO) and social media engagement on smartphone addiction and distraction. In this paper, a structural review for tracking social applications in smartphones is presented. Many commercial force stop applications are not use for recording but are also for analyzing the experienced samples in which it entered by the users and their behaviors. To address these challenges, previous research works are investigated from the user application activities and their event-driven activities are analyzed. In addition, the tracking applications are divided into three categories and our third-party application is highlighted that tracks the frequency of use and time stamp and suggests temporarily blocking any applications that are overused. Some recommendations for future work are provided at the end of the paper.