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The rapid advancement of mobile phone systems and programs that support free Instant messaging (IM), short messaging services (SMS), and the convenience of sending millions of messages with practically no delay and almost zero cost, through WIFI or 3G has led to the increasing popularity of short messaging services . The requirement is an automatic classification system for quick classification for the received messages. . in order to detect the suspicious message .In this paper we use detection model in which social media messages are classified as a predefined classes named suspicious and not suspicious .The proposed system try achieved this problem through simple method known as level based feature content . In this method the content feature is divided into four levels to detection suspicious.This system works offline , collecting the message online , save it and then input to the proposed system.The experimental result show that the level three detection rate is higher than the rest levels with accuracy 0.952381 when the threshold 0.06 and to improvement the overall levels results of the system we use the majority test, where the accuracy reached to 100%.