Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics


In the environment and living homes it is necessary to evaluate the radon inhalation dose and its progeny on a regular basis because Radon is carcinogenic agent. Radon concentrations in homes in the Nineveh plain region were measured in this study using a passive personal radon monitor with a CR-39 detector in the small container for contact lenses storing. The determined concentrations of radon ranged from 50.50 to 120.65 Bq.m-3, the excess lifetime cancer risk (ELCR) was in the range of 9.26×10-3 to 22.13×10-3, and the lung cancer cases (LCC) incidence per million people per year was in the range of 103×10-9 to 248×10-9. The mean radon concentration found fell below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) permitted level of 100 Bq.m-3. The research area is still free of significant radon concerns despite certain values being above the permitted limit.