Due to the huge progress in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) across the internet, the computerized information systems in hospitals became an inevitable part of the infrastructures of modern hospitals. These organizations have started to establish sites characterized with high quality in interacting with users, w.r.t acceptability and understanding. One of the main challenges in specifying the attributes of the e-commerce site quality is the lack of formal specification of quality measure means. This paper handles the issue of presenting a set of standard criteria acceptable by the major part of the professionals and experts in the field in order to evaluate the quality of some competitive private Arabic and Non-Arabic hospitals. The used methodology here is based on presenting a chick-list to assess the e-site quality based on the literature. This paper has concluded that the e-site of the taken private Arabic hospitals suffer from low quality in comparison with the corresponding Non-Arabic sites since the Arabic ones do not acquire the high-quality standards. The application field of this research is in: hospitals e-sites, commercial e-sites, social and educational e-sites, etc.
(2) (PDF) Towards Improving Quality of E-Commerce Websites in Hospitals.