The accurate estimation of terrain characteristics is central in rainfall runoff modelling. In this study, influences of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) obtained from different sources, resolutions and rescaling techniques are compared for Peak flow prediction in a large-scale watershed by the Topographic driven model (TOPMODEL). The comparison includes graphical representation and statistical assessments using daily time series data. As a result, DEM extracted from contour map (DEM-Con) showed better performance when DEM resolutions increased, but the Advanced Space-borne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (DEM-Aster) continued to achieve less Relative Error (RE) at low resolution. Moreover, better RE values were found at cubic convolution technique to predict the peaks followed by nearest neighbor and bilinear. In addition, this study indicated that DEM resolution is more sensitive factor for TOPMODEL simulation compared to DEM sources and rescaling techniques for streamflow and peaks prediction.