Since the topic of e-Abacus diagram appeared in 1978 through its application within the partition theory, where this representation was one of the ideas of cryptography, many researchers study this subject from a purely theoretical perspective without practical application to it. Many researchers have shown interest in it by starting to apply purely mathematically, but starting in the past few years they have been searching for ideas that serve the topic. This research deals with the Vigenere Cipher, which is one of the multi­alphabet ciphers and in the past it was one of the most popular ciphers. For its simplicity and resistance to frequency analysis tests for messages encoded with simple ciphers such as Caesar’s Cipher through. Its application to the Syriac letters, which is one of the oldest ancient languages, used exclusively when reading religious hymns, for Christians in some regions of the world and in other regions as a trading language. In 2017 it was carefully studied through the above diagram and made the application more confidential among its users in terms of trying to find a suitable agreement between the English language letters and Syriac. Special signs and symbols were used in the Syriac language to be able to address the problem of the difference in the number of letters between the two languages. As well as the possibility of using the Cipher between the letters of the Syriac language