International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change.


Utilizing advanced technologies in educational institutions improves many existing manual services and thus reduces the burden on staff and students. Numerous online services have been harnessed from educational and administrative perspectives. However, most of these services focus on improving the educational aspect and disregard organizational matters related to the educational environment of students. Machine learning is a new concept that has improved the efficiency and security of all electronic services. This experimental study attempts to provide a service that allows students to obtain their exam results by harnessing computer vision technology to simplify the paperwork involved. Most Iraqi universities routinely verify exam results via paper or through websites, both of which entail many problems. This task is tedious and tiresome for students and professors. This study also compares the use of machine learning by computer vision to obtain exam results and the use of a website or other electronic service to obtain the same. For the computer vision system, the study uses Python as a programming language, the OpenCV library, and the Qt5 framework.