A digital image could be manipulated with many effects. One effect that can be done to an image is by decreasing the number of colors. Thresholding algorithm is one of the image processing techniques that can be used to decrease the amount of colors with similar value and grouping their intensity. In this paper, modification of thresholding algorithm was implemented on BMP (bitmap) image; the programming language Matlab version 11 was used; an image with the color component RGB (Red-Greenblue) is processed and altered from 1 up to 10. The yielded color resolution is between 1 – 1000 color. The intensity distance can be valued 0 up to 255. In general, the results can be obtained if the component of RGB equals 1, hence yielding a one color image.

However, the thresholding process at cartoon image between the original image and the result would not be seen so different because images differ from one another.